FansUnite Social Sportsbook

Since we are still waiting for FansUnite to produce a welcome bonus for new customers, we suggest that you visit Betfair, for example. As soon as the FansUnite Social Sportsbook gives new users a bonus, we will update this review. 

FansUnite Social Sportsbook is a new player in the online betting world that utilizes the latest technological advancements in their online betting platform. The project is quite an interesting one. The company has decided to rely on Ethereum blockchain and the use of the system’s smart contracts in their protocol.

There are many other projects that are trying to achieve something similar. FansUnite Social Sportsbook boasts of offering a truly decentralized system. If all this sounds interesting to you, simply continue reading this FansUnite review to learn more.

FansUnite Social Sportsbook

FansUnite Social Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

We will have to wait and see what the FansUnite Social Sportsbook is going to prepare for those who are eager to register. To sum it up, check the table below:

FansUnite Social Sportsbook InfoDetails
Welcome BonusNot yet available
Sports selectionbasketball, football, American football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, water polo, moto-sports and other
Payment MethodsCryptocurrency

We are talking about a possible revolution in the way people bet. A whole new approach that is going to bring fees even lower and improve making bets in every possible way. However, people are not to keen on trying new things, especially if they don’t understand them.

This is precisely why we think that the platform is going to offer some sort of FansUnite sportsbook welcome bonus to new customers. As the competition is too strong in this type of business, a welcome bonus is going to bring new customers to the brand. However, it is important to mention that there is no official information about any type of FansUnite sportsbook bonus.

Plus, a bonus would be a perfect way to experiment with the platform, as the player would be able to get some experience before continuing to play with his deposited funds.

FansUnite Bonus Code

Like the possible FansUnite sportsbook welcome bonus, we can only make assumptions about a possible FansUnite bonus code. However, we will get the chance to see if there is going to be a FansUnite bonus code available once the whole FansUnite Sportsbook network is up and running.

Until then, we can only guess how the FansUnite bonus code is going to be used. Before making a deposit, during the registration process, or in some new way. Patience is our friend. We are going to know everything about the platform in only a matter of months. Until that happens, you should check InfernoBet Promotion Code.

FansUnite Sports

No matter how low the fees are, people are only going to use a platform. They want to be able to bet on as many sports as possible. Therefore, a potential for success rises when the platform is offering a wider collection of sports.

We assume that people are going to be able to bet on basketball, football, American football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, water polo, moto-sports and plenty of other types of sports. The more the brand manages to offer to bettors, the higher the number of people is going to join them.

FansUnite Network

FansUnite network is what makes the whole project very interesting. The brand implies that it is a very efficient one. The result is a very stable FansUnite Network, bringing all the benefit for both the players and the brand. Of course, the whole protocol is being run on the Ethereum network.

FansUnite Network

The good news is that the protocol is nearly complete and that platform will most likely go live in Q4 2018, or Q1 2019. That is at least what the roadmap says. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for people to start betting in a completely different way. FansUnite sportsbook definitely sounds like an interesting platform.

FansUnite Customer Support

Customer support is going to be an important part of this brand. Primarily due to the fact that they are relying on a new type of technology, which is surely going to bring more people with questions. If FansUnite is planning to get a high number of returning customers, they are going to have to be prepared for helping a very high number of them.

We are confident that a company such as this is going to have enough sense to ensure to offer great customer support to its clients.

FansUnite Payment Methods

This is the part where FansUnite Social Sportsbook is going to be much different than the competitors. Once you acquire a cryptocurrency, ERC20 tokens to be precise, people are going to be able to place bets and have fun betting with that cryptocurrency.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency as a payment method, you are going to have to dedicate some time to learn about the basics, what ERC20 tokens are and how you can distribute them. With only a little bit of reading, FansUnite Social Sportsbook is going to immediately become your favorite sportsbook.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are definitely some of the future currencies that we are going to be using daily. It is good to see that there are companies who keep trying to bring this technology closer to use, and present how it can be used.

For more details, we will have to wait and see how effective the platform is going to be. Keep on visiting this FansUnite review for any possible updates when the platform officially opens.

If you wish to go to a sportsbook that’s already opened and licensed, try MansionBet or Paddy Power.