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Welcome to bet-bonus-code.ie, the one and only site you need if you are looking for reliable and comprehensive information about bonuses and betting codes in Ireland. With a team of carefully selected, experienced and knowledgeable personnel, we have one goal in mind, user satisfaction. Our focus is on providing the latest updates on bonus codes and bonus reviews of trustworthy brands. 


Who We Are and What We Do?

We at bet-bonus-code.ie are your one-stop-shop for all information related to sports betting sites and bonus codes in Ireland. By focusing on Ireland, we are determined to provide you with only the best and latest bonus codes and reviews.

As we understand that a secure and enjoyable betting experience are the primary focus of sports bettors, we have set high standards. The team of our experts ensures the safety of our customers by only working with verified brands licensed to operate in the region.

The crucial words we strive to work by are reliability and transparency. In order to remain true to our goals, we provide honest reviews of bonuses and bonus codes. You will find all the information you need to know about the promotions and codes before you decide to use them.

What Is Our Mission?

Simply put, our mission is clear. Our goal is to bring the best possible betting experience to Irish users. Our opinion is that every sports bettor deserves a transparent and reliable platform for sports betting updates. 

How can we achieve our goal of providing our customers with only the best and latest bonus codes? With our team of experts who are well-versed in the field of sports betting, we are confident their opinion is relevant. You can be sure that the information you receive is accurate and, most importantly, useful.

We can’t guarantee any potential profit for you. But we can equip you with the best possible tools and resources to bring an informed decision. As a trustworthy companion on your side, we are all you need to have a secure and enjoyable betting experience.

However, our mission goes beyond only providing bonus codes. We are also deeply committed to promoting responsible gambling practices. It is extremely important that all users are aware of the Safer Gambling policies, and the option to seek help.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

When it comes to sports betting, bet-bonus-code.ie stands out as one of the top options players from Ireland have. If you are wondering why, let us elaborate on why you should rely on our services.

Primarily, by aiming to achieve excellence and setting our standards and goals high, we are already ahead of many competitors. Namely, during our reviews and testing, we leave no stone unturned, and no parts left out. The extensive research and evaluation ensure that all bonus codes you receive are trustworthy and reliable.

Going down the line, we not only list the bonus codes but also inspect other crucial elements. The primary focus is, of course, safety and the quality of the bonus. However, we are aware of the different players and preferences. Thus, we bring all the information chewed down to bits for you to process and bring an informed decision.

Furthermore, by dealing specifically in the Irish market, we bring offers and exclusive bonus codes tailored for Irish users. In summary, by choosing bet-bonus-code.ie as your go-to platform, you can find promotions that are not available elsewhere. Most importantly, the exclusive offers will only come from verified and trustworthy brands.

Are We a Reputable Affiliate?

In order to achieve our primary mission, we can’t cut corners on the way up. With the primary focus on reliability and transparency, our work revolves around only the top and most trustworthy brands. 

But how do we choose our partners? The selection process for the brand we work with is long and detailed. We research every element of the operator, crucial or not, and bring only the best choices. 

The starting point for a brand to find itself on our list of partners is to be licensed and reliable. After that, we dive into the review of the brand’s services, promotions, and bonus codes.

How Do We Fight Gambling Addiction?

In addition to providing only the best and latest bonus codes and relevant information, we have an equally important challenge. Gambling addiction is a severe problem we are aware of here at bet-bonus-code.ie.

What we can do to address the problem is instruct and equip our readers with the right tools to fight the problem. The main weapon in fighting this problem are support groups. We ensure all our readers are aware of the option to seek and get immediate help when needed.

Asking for help is just a few clicks away on our site. With numerous safer gambling tools listed in our review, we try to promote a safer environment. However, it comes down to you to ask for assistance if you notice you are having problems.

Furthermore, we have an entire Safer Gambling section dedicated to the promotion of the safest practices. Asking for assistance can be challenging to some, but having all the information easily accessible is the least we can do to ensure our users are safe.


Check out some of the most common questions coming from our users. If you have any additional questions, feel free to fill out the Contact Form. You can contact us for anything you need and expect a quick response.

How do you ensure the reliability and validity of the bonus codes listed on your site?

Our work with only licensed and reliable operators ensures that all the bonus codes we provide are safe. We provide the latest information regarding both promotions and bonus codes. However, only dealing with reliable brands is just the first step in ensuring safety. Extensive research and testing are some additional measures.

Can I trust the information and reviews provided on your site?

Primarily, our reviews are based on detailed evaluations and research of betting operators and their bonus codes. We strive to provide not only accurate but also unbiased opinions on the brand’s services and features. With this, we give users the information they need to bring an informed decision without enforcing specific products.

Do you provide detailed information about each bonus code and its terms?

Yes, we have dedicated experts whose expertise in the field is more than sufficient to evaluate an operator. We provide detailed information on each bonus code and the promotion. Reading the fine print and informing our users of the terms and conditions is one of our main tasks.

What if I have a question or need assistance while browsing your site?

With our primary goal being customer satisfaction, we offer an easy way for readers to contact us. At the footer of our page, you can find the Contact Us page. We encourage all our users to reach out with any questions or suggestions they may have. We are very responsive, and do our best to provide answers and apply suggestions for our customers.

How do you ensure the credibility and expertise of your authors?

Our personnel consists only of the most experienced and trustworthy people who specialise in online gambling. We carefully interview and select our experts based on their field of expertise and experience in the industry. Thus ensuring that all the information coming from our authors is relevant and from someone who knows what they are talking about.

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